10 Simple Tips for Better Sleep and feel more rested.


Good sleep is very important for your mental health and to keep you fit and healthy. It allows the body to perform vital metabolic processes. Research has shown that sleep deprivation causes negative effects on hormones and brain functioning.

Poor sleep makes a person feel lazy all day and he has no energy or concentration to do any work. According to a statistics the recommended sleeping time duration for the different age groups is as follows:

  • Infants (12-15) hours
  • School going kids (8-10) hours
  • Adults (7-9) hours
  • Older adults (7-8) hours
Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash - Tips for Better Sleep
Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

 Benefits Of a Good Sleep

  • Good sleep is essential to keep you energetic all day and increases your ability to be attentive all the time.
  • It also improves your mood.
  • It also improves your ability to manage stress levels.
  • It improves your physical health.
  • It prevents heart diseases.
  • It helps in memory building and improves your learning abilities.

Many people complain of having a sleeping disorder, while others say that they find it hard to get enough sleep from their busy schedules. No doubt that good sleep makes a person happier, if you want to be among those happy people then here are some tips for better sleep you should follow:

Tips for Better Sleep

1. Light: A prime factor to consider

Light plays a major role in getting better sleep. It is difficult for you to sleep when the light is ON, a lot of people have a habit of sleeping with the room light ON and which makes them awake in between resulting in a disturbed sleep problem. So consider switching off all the lights in the room to get better sleep.

Another vital factor, in this case, is blue-lighting. There is a hormone called melatonin that helps you get to relax and deep sleep. Too much exposure to blue light reduces the production of melatonin. Our smartphones and TV screen emits blue light, that’s why it is advised not to use the phone at your bedtime. Install such apps on the phone that block the blue light on the phone.

2. Schedule Your Sleep Time

Schedule your sleep time and stick to it. Going to bed every night at the same time helps you in asleep early. Be consistent with your sleeping time to maintain your circadian rhythm. Irregular sleeping patterns can disrupt your circadian rhythm.

3. Keep a Check On Your Diet

It is advisable not to have heavy meals near your bedtime as it may create discomfort, making you wake up in between your sleep. Caffeine may also hinder the quality of your sleep. It is advised not to have caffeine within six hours before bedtime. Also, it said not to go to bed empty stomach/hungry, as this can make it difficult in falling asleep.

4. Sound

Noise is another major factor that affects the quality of your sleep. Some people get up even with a small disturbance while others don’t even wake up with a loud noise even with music playing in their surroundings, well those are the blessed ones. Sometimes even a door knock, doorbell sound, or even a notification sound from your phone makes you scared and suddenly wake up. Traffic noise is the most irritating of all that creates hurdles in your sleep. The use of cotton earplugs in all such cases can help to get a good sleep. Also, set the notifications sound volume too low so that it may not disturb you.

5. Exercise Decreases Insomnia

Recent research has shown that exercise reduces insomnia and sleep complaints in patients. Aerobic exercise is said to have the same effect as sleeping pills. Exercise during the daytime leads to a night of better sleep. But exercise in the night-time disrupts your circadian rhythm.

6. Maximize Your Daytime Naps

 Daytime naps are much needed in your everyday hectic routine. Daytime naps are like the recharger that charges you for the rest of the day with new energy. But try not to have long daytime naps as they may impede your night sleep. Limit your naps to only 1 hour a day and try not to have a nap late in the day.

7. Magnesium Supplements

Lack of magnesium in the body can result in poor sleep. Magnesium supplements have shown effective results in elderly people who complain about poor sleep. But it’s better to get your magnesium from foods rather than supplements. So make sure to include magnesium-rich foods in your diet. If your body has enough amount of magnesium you should avoid taking the supplements

8. Room Temperature

If your room temperature is too warm that is enough to raise your body temperature then you have difficulty falling asleep also affects the quality of your sleep. In contrast to that, a cool room temperature helps in falling asleep faster. But it should not be cold enough that makes you strive to asleep faster.

9. Pleasant Odours

Unpleasant odors in the room may lead to difficulty in falling asleep. How can you sleep in a room where there is an unpleasant smell? It will become hard for you to sleep. Keeping fresh flowers in the room or spraying different essentials oil will create a pleasant smell inside the room. Lavender scents have shown an effective result in reducing insomnia.

10. Relax Your Mind

Before sleeping, put aside all of your stress and worries. Sleep with a relaxed mind. If your mind is not relaxed and is in constant thoughts, you will not be able to sleep properly. Stress and anxiety offer causes insomnia. Finish all your work before 2-3 hours of sleep. Read a book, meditate or take a warm bath to make yourself relax.

Final word

If you want to get a night of better sleep, follow these tips. Make a habit of doing a walk about 15-20 minutes before your bedtime. It will help you to relax and make you sleep better. Besides trying the above-mentioned tips, if you still have a sleeping problem then you should consult a doctor to find out the reason.

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3 months ago

You shared some great tips. This blog was inspirational. Since of lately, i haven’t been getting my 8 hrs sleep and i can feel the effects on my body and energy level. Thanks for sharing.

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