Quick Question: Can magnesium supplements cause weight gain?


Magnesium is a fundamental mineral that powers our bodies in multiple ways, from energy generation to protein synthesis. Its involvement with vitamin D activation also makes it an essential component for overall health and well-being – but can taking magnesium supplements lead to weight gain? This question continues to elude many individuals.

Consuming a Western diet, which is often void of green leafy vegetables, nuts, and seeds, have led to an abundance of magnesium deficiencies. This unfulfilled dietary requirement can have worst-case consequences, such as muscle cramps or raised blood pressure. Still, even more, severe long-term effects like type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and metabolic syndrome are also possible outcomes if left unchecked.

Quick Question

Can magnesium supplements cause weight gain?

Magnesium is an essential component of a healthy lifestyle – providing substantial benefits for overall well-being. And no scientific findings demonstrate that magnesium supplements cause weight gain. If you are anxious about your body weight, it’s wise to confer with an appropriate healthcare professional before proceeding further.


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