The best diet for weight loss? Don’t complicate


Nowadays, we all look for the best diet, and if we search the internet, we will find a thousand trendy diets with a thousand rules to follow. Some require hunger (Keto diet, Atlas diet), and others are ridiculously restrictive food groups like the Atkins diet, all based on seductive weight-loss promises.

Many fad diets might lead to initial weight loss but are challenging to maintain long term. The key to any successful diet is making sustainable and healthy changes to your lifestyle that you can stick with for the long haul.

The world of communication fills these diets with false myths that deny an essential thing to consider: lose weight and spend a few bucks. Yes, because when we buy only those foods devised for us by a particular person, we unnecessarily waste money on products that are not good for our health or our wallet. So I will tell you today what is the best diet to lose weight according to my humble opinion:

Eat fewer calories than you burn and move your body!

There is nothing more effective than a calorie deficit, which means consuming fewer calories in a day than we use, as simple as that. But suppose you want some guidelines so this simple process does not become a nightmare of abstinence. In that case, my advice is:

  • To stick with natural foods and seasonal ones because they are well distributed throughout the year;
  • Drink water instead of soft drinks or fruit juice. Eat the whole fruit rather;
  • Eat little or no processed foods;
  • Do not eat after dinner;
  • Sleep seven to eight hours a day;
  • At least move your body for half an hour every day.

Respect your circadian rhythm

Another effective way is to respect your circadian rhythm by not eating for 12 hours every night. The circadian rhythm is the body’s clock, controlling many functions such as metabolism, hormone release, and repair. When we eat outside the timeframe that allows for repair to occur efficiently, our bodies can remain on a “high alert.” As I’m sure you will have heard many times, we are more likely to store fat around our abdominal region when sleep-deprived. I have already written about this topic. Please check this.

Will it be easy? For some people, yes. For others, no. But it is the only way that has been proven effective in the long run. And to help you succeed on this, contact a nutritionist! These professionals can help you even more!

Final word

As you see, we don’t need to complicate this. Follow these two points, and you will be guaranteed to lose weight effectively. Nothing is more important than our mental well-being, and restrictive diets will only increase anxiety and stress in a disproportionate way that can even lead to a kind of diet burnout. We end up eating what we shouldn’t—finding the optimal balance that works for you so that you feel healthy day in and day out without excessive cravings is a far more effective solution in the long term.

Bruno Tavares
Bruno Tavares
My goal is to provide my readers with valuable information and insights that they can use to make the most of their lives.