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What is Human Design?

Human design is simply a reflection of who you are. It helps you have a deeper understanding of yourself and shows you how you were built and the best way to respond to the world.

It was created by a Canadian man known as Ra Uru Hu (birth name Alan Robert Krakower) after a mystical experience in the 1980s. The system combines principles from astrology, The I Ching, Kabbalah, the Hindu-Brahmin System, and quantum physics.

With Human Design, you can discover your talents, natural gifts, and strength.

Photo by Karina Carvalho on Unsplash
About human design
Photo by Karina Carvalho on Unsplash

What is a Human Design Chart?

Everyone has a Human Design Chart (or a BodyGraph). It reveals your genetic design and is calculated with your birthplace, date, and time.

A Human Design Chart makes decision-making easier since it is based on our unique personalities. It shows the source of our energy, how we express it, and how to properly use it. The chart also shows us how to make the best decisions and where we get our inner guidance (Authority).

The Basics of Human Design

On the right side of the Human Design Chart, the three basics of Human Design can be found.

Human Design Type 

Your Human Design Type is the first thing that you should understand. Type is how you make the most of your unique energy in every area of your life, including creativity, relationships, work, and even sleep. A proper understanding of your energy type makes your life a lot easier.

There are five energy types. Each energy type describes the period you are most productive, the way you use opportunities (Strategy), a sign that shows you are living by your Human Design (signature), and a feeling you have when you are living out of your energy type (not self-theme).


Strategy: To inform

Signature: Peace

Not-Self Theme: Anger


Strategy: To respond

Signature: Satisfaction

Not-Self Theme: Frustration

Manifesting Generator

Strategy: To respond, then inform

Signature: Satisfaction

Not-Self Theme: Frustration / Anger


Strategy: To wait for an invitation

Signature: Success

Not-Self Theme: Bitterness


Strategy: To wait for the lunar cycle

Signature: Surprise

Not-Self Theme: Disappointment

Human Design Strategy

For each of the 5 Human Design Types, there is a Strategy. The Strategy is a set of rules that make a living according to your Human Design a lot easier. When you follow the Strategy, you experience less resistance.

Human Design Authority: 

In Human Design, there are 7 Authorities. Your Authority is basically a personal GPS that leads you towards making the right decisions in life. You depend on the Authority to give you a sense of direction, and when it is followed, you are led to a predestined place.

The seven authorities are Ego, Emotional, Environmental, Lunar, Sacral, Self, and Splenic.

Final word

So, there it is: those three basics of Human Design set you on your way. Go ahead and explore your unique design so you can go through life easily.

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